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Kohler GeneratorAvailable Systems

Hathaway Generators offers the following KOHLER Power System generator models.

Please click, the Download PDF link next to the system you are interested in to download the technical specifications sheet in PDF format.
If you have any further questions about which system is best for your needs, please call us at
or click here to fill out our contact form.

6 VSG 6kW Download PDF
8.5 RES 8.5kW Download PDF
14 RESA 14kW Download PDF
20 RESA 20kW Download PDF
38 RCL 38kW Download PDF
48 RCL 48kW Download PDF
60 ERESB 60kW Download PDF
80 ERESD 80kW Download PDF
100 ERESD 100kW Download PDF
125 ERESB 125kW Download PDF

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What is your comfort zone? Which System is Right For You?

What is your comfort zone?

Personal needs are different for everyone. KOHLER offers a variety of power system sizes and options to fit anyone's "comfort zone".

You tell us what your needs are, and we will help you determine your individualized KOHLER power system. We will analyze the electrical load for your home and install the proper KOHLER residential
backup system.*

Furnace Fan Furnace Fan Furnace Fan
Refrigerator/Freezer Refrigerator/Freezer Refrigerator/Freezer
Sump Pump Sump Pump Sump Pump
Lighting Lighting Lighting
Television Television Television
Computer Computer Computer
4 ton Air Conditioner 4 ton Air Conditioner Multiple HVAC Systems
  Garage Door Opener Garage Door Opener
  Water Heater Water Heater
  Security System Security System
    Cook Top Stove

*Additional loads may be added with a load control system

Visit the Kohler Power System page for more information on their systems.

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  1. How do I get routine maintenance on my generator?
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